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GAP Analysis

We strongly feel that the heart of every successful project is a strong needs analysis process. Usually, the needs analysis includes tools like interviews, observations, survey, document review and focus group discussions – depending on the size of the project and the type of the challenge we are requested to solve


 During this process, we focus on 3 main objectives:

a) understand the challenges

b) learn about the company

c) gather information/responses that we will later use during our training delivery.

Training and Consulting

With the Aviation Industry being our main area of work for the last 15+ years, we learned to work with high standards and services. Our training approach is mostly based on interactive methodologies that ensure the active participation of each professional. For that, we use games, exercises, role plays and various aids, such as VR equipment and other technology based tools. Below is a sample of our main services and area of expertise.

Experiential Learning Activities

Kratis invests a lot of time in the design and development of various indoor and outdoor experiential learning activities. Each activity has different characteristics and offers different benefits to the organization. Each activity is based on specific learning objectives and challenges and they include a thorough debriefing session at the end of each sessions. All the activities can be used as a part of a broader training program.

Professional Coaching

For a more customised, person-centred approach, professionals usually choose one-on-one sessions, or otherwise commonly known as "coaching sessions" . This aims to offer a more customised approach to the professionals, by simply giving them the opportunity to build their own agenda, based on their personal challenges in the workplace.


Your "go-to" option for a more customised, on-going service for professional development.

e-learning courses

Our e-learning platform offers a variety of our training courses, delivered in an asynchronous form. The platform can be used both for individuals who would like to enroll in a training course, as well as for companies that can use the platform as a complimentary service to their project.

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